How can I help you?

Among others, I can help and accompany you to overcome the following difficulties:

How can I help you?

It is time to overcome your difficulties and live better by using the tools made available to you in PsicoterapiaLisboa:

Couples therapy

(and sexology)

terapia de pareja

When your relationship is deteriorating but you intend to maintain, repair it and even improve it, it's time to come to therapy.
May be you cannot restore everything, but studies and practice show that most situations can be solved satisfactorily for both parties, achieving new commitments and a relationship that allows the correct development of the children and in many cases, even the beginning of a better stage.

Improve communication

Resolve conflicts

Restore Respect

Recover the mutual desire

Overcome infidelities

Renovate Trust

Achieve forgiveness

Establish agreements

Increase Motivation

Strengthen commitment

Improve Parenting and Parenthood

Managing multiculturalism


Clinical Hypnosis is a tool, that when used by experienced therapists, helps you recovering forgotten resources, better understanding and dealing with your emotions and leads to the change required to live a better life.

It is also beneficial for concentration and the achievement of specific objectives.


I’m Dr. Susana Peñuelas.
Give me 3 minutes to introduce myself:

The success of therapy depends on the quality of the patient-therapist relationship: if you trust your therapist, you will work well together to solve your problems.

A good psychotherapist is a professional who has tools and resources at your service: since attaining a degree in Medicine, I have received postgraduate education in Bioethics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Strategic Brief Therapy (SBT) and Integrative Psychotherapy. I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and a Specialist degree in Clinical Hypnosis.

As a doctor, I understand the interactions between the body and the mind as well as the effects of medication you may take.

I continue to train with excellent professionals to ensure the quality of my consultation, incorporating the latest developments in techniques and technology such as Virtual Reality for the treatment of fears and phobias and the overcoming of difficulties.

My life experiences, in different companies – inside and outside the healthcare field – give me a broad and practical vision. To help you make the most of your time, I offer you the most efficient treatment with Brief Therapy techniques.

Trust a psychotherapist with an open mind: I have lived in different environments and situations, learning from various cultures.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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